Lumina Foundation RFP

Proposals from systems in the TS3 Network are due October 31, 2017. For more information, please contact Rebecca Martin (

In September, Lumina Foundation awarded NASH $1.2 million over two years to support deeper implementation of certain aspects of our holistic strategy for student success, Taking Student Success to Scale (TS3). Four systems will be selected through a competitive process to participate directly in this work, with a focus on high impact practices and equity-minded learning pathways.  RFP materials are linked below.

Through this grant we will:

  • Identify and advance promising HIPs models at both the system and campus levels, imbedded in required curricula and/or equity-minded learning pathways
  • Help demonstrate the impact of a coordinated scaled approach to student success, including integration with faculty, curriculum, and learning outcomes
  • Focus especially on access and impact of these innovations for underrepresented minority and low income students
  • Incorporate elements of the new learning infrastructure, with a focus on quality
  • Develop approaches to data collection on participation and impact
  • Create tools for implementing and tracking HIPs for use by systems and campuses in the TS3 Network and beyond