Redesigned Math Pathways

More students arrive at college underprepared than ever before, particularly at the community college level. The need for developmental math education presents a major obstacle to completion for many incoming students at both the two- and four-year levels. The pathway for students placing into credit-bearing math courses is also problematic for many, leading to fewer completing STEM majors than needed. Recently, innovative approaches to redesigning developmental and entry-level math courses have been developed, incorporating elements that include disaggregated pathways with targeted curricula for specific audiences; co-remediation rather than pre-remediation; focus on problem-solving rather than skill building; and new teaching methodologies.   Many of these approaches would have value in the calculus sequence as well. Lessons from Quantways/Statways (Carnegie Foundation) and New Mathways (Charles A. Dana Center/Texas) are among the options that could be implemented.

Webinar - February 15, 2017

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